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Draw circles around planets. Avoid comets.

This game is dead simple but I promise you are gonna love it. It's free, get it on your phone!!

Made in Philadelphia by Tom Sennett.

Available on


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Looks amazing, reminds me with helix by Michael Brough (https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/helix/id562550427). I will definitely try it later :) out of curiosity what did you develop that game in?

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Definite similarities, I saw and likely played that game at some point. I actually wrote a blog about the origins of Space Rocket and how it is very much not an "original" idea: http://wherecouldtom.be/why-i-keep-making-the-same-game-over-and-over/

Space Rocket was built in Game Maker Studio 1.4. I exported it as an HTML5 game then wrapped it using Phonegap Build to deploy the iOS an Android apps.

I Tom ! I'm glad RunMan is coming back ! thanks for all your beautiful work ! I tried to follow your link but it appears to be glimpsed in the web void. Do you have a copy of the origins of Space Rocket aka "why-i-keep-making-the-same-game-over-and-over" ? I would really like to read it !!
(sorry for the spelling I'm french froggy)